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Packaging Design

At Grifal, we know how much time, money and resources you spend getting your product just right. Our design team approaches each customized protective packaging project with one goal in mind – to give your product the packaging it deserves.

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Pack Test e ISTA Certification

Grifal testa l’efficacia protettiva delle soluzioni d’imballo – sia progettate internamente che da terzi – attraverso protocolli di prova specifici e molto rigorosi. L’obiettivo è verificare che l’imballo soddisfi i requisiti di sicurezza



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Discover the diverse range of products that Grifal has developed for our consumer line, from packaging to sports, from home decor to DIY projects – available exclusively on Amazon.

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Latest News

Buxkin’s corrugated, natural and recycled materials

Buxkin, a Dutch company making interior furnishings, has asked Grifal to make special waved materials using recycled leather, felt and wool, and exhibited them in the Archiproducts exhibition at via Tortona in Milan during the Design Week.
Buxkin’s showroom will remain open for a year and you can visit it for free.