cArtù® is the new corrugated cardboard with a revolutionary flute for superior performance.

More than 100 years after the invention of corrugated cardboard, Grifal has redesigned its flutes, improving its performance.

cArtù® is the product that best illustrates our company’s mission of sustainability: a new kind of paper-based protective packaging material that is more ecological than the traditional corrugated cardboard, reducing by 2/3’s the amount of paper necessary to produce a protective box and completely eliminating the need to resort to plastic and other non-ecological elements.

The innovative design improvement of cArtù® is that each flute is bordered by a deep fold that serves as a reinforcing rib. This is achieved by a new industrial process that produces flutes with an arch-like parabolic profile instead of sinusoidal profiles, rendering 50% more flutes in a given length of cArtù® as compared with traditional corrugated cardboards.

Corrugated cardboard: traditional sinusoidal flutes
cArtù®: super-resistant parabolic arches

cArtù® is the winner of the sustainability challenge

A cubic meter of cArtù® can weigh up to 75% less than a cubic meter of corrugated cardboard, depending on
the paper used and the height of the flutes. This savings on raw material corresponds to a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions to produce the same volume of finished product. This makes cArtù® more environmentally friendly than traditional corrugated cardboard.

Compared to EPS, cArtù® is again the winner from the point of view of sustainability and the ease with which is can be disposed of after use. You can easily compact cArtù® to about 90% of its original volume.

cArtù®: the new frontier in terms of structure and aesthetics

Technical properties
With cArtù® there’s less consumption
of paper and  better performance!
Range of applications
Revolutionizes both protective packaging
and presentation packaging.