cArtù® is the only packaging material for both protection and presentation that possesses all of these properties: it’s unbending along the flutes, extremely flexible on the other axis and it’s very light despite its impressive thickness. The possibilities are endless.

Protective packaging

The innovative design improvement of cArtù® is that each flute is bordered by a deep fold that serves as a reinforcing rib. This is achieved by a new industrial process that produces flutes with an arch-like parabolic profile instead of sinusoidal profiles, rendering 50% more flutes in a given length of cArtù® as compared with traditional corrugated cardboards.

This translates to a considerable increase in load bearing capacity and resistance to vertical compression (along the length of the flutes) that allows for the use of lighter papers without sacrificing strength. 

Beyond its load bearing capacity, cArtù® is incredibly light, and surprisingly flexible in the other orientation, despite the great height of the flutes.

Presentation packaging

Thanks to the innovative technology used to produce cArtù®, it’s possibile to use paper of almost any weight, in different colors and even completely different kinds of material laminated to the paper such as aluminum, woven and non-woven fabrics and various types of films. This wide variety allows you to create incredible visual effects combined with different technical specifications, thus further expanding the applicative possibilities of cArtù®.

The single ply version of cArtù® is particularly adaptable to presentation packaging and all applications that benefit from the strong visual appeal of the exposed flutes.  The high arched profiles of the flutes recall the classic forms that have been used in architecture for thousands of years. Combined with the right colors, materials and graphics, you can create truly unique packaging solutions. 

It is also possible to print directly on the corrugated side of cArtù® to get interesting effects and plays of light.  In the alternative, cArtù® can be produced using pre-printed paper for offset quality results. 


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