A branch office in Stuttgart and a production site in Romania

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Grifal has opened Grifal GmbH in Stuttgart with the purpose of supporting its sales force in the most important European market for packaging, namely Germany. A parallel goal is also to build out the initial phase of the internationalization of the company, which is planning on establishing a new production site for cArtù in Romania in 2019. This represents yet another step towards a wider distribution of cArtù in Europe by means of a network of production sites located in directly in each country. All the details are available in this article published in the Corriere della Sera di Bergamo on December 19th 2018. Click on the image to read the article ⬇

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Not only packaging

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Grifal SpA has acquired a 15% share of Buxkin BV (www.buxkin.com), a Dutch company that markets solutions for acoustic treatments and the decoration of interior spaces. Grifal, by virtue of its patented corrugating technology, has made possible the creation of a new line of exclusive and environmentally friendly products made with felt and recycled leather. Buxkin’s introduction of these corrugated materials for “green design” has met with great success all around the world, based on their sound absorption properties and strong visual appeal. Some of their most noteworthy recent projects have been the interior decoration of the Court of Justice of the European Union and the administrative offices of Amazon and Ikea. This is the first example, outside of the packaging sector, of the strategic potential for this innovative corrugation technology.   Here is the link to the article (in italian) appeared on the Borsa Italiana website: https://www.borsaitaliana.it/borsa/notizie/market-insight/dettaglio/364367.html

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We’re all set for our IPO in June [L’Eco di Bergamo]

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The newspaper L’Eco di Bergamo just published an article about Grifal’s upcoming listing on the AIM Italia stock exchange. We just finished our roadshow and were greeted with a lot of investor interest. Now we begin the formal process to be a listed company. The article can be found on page 9 of the Friday, May 18th issue of the paper.  

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Grifal will be at IPACK-IMA 2018 from 29 May to 1 June

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Innovations in sustainable packaging Grifal, a global leader in packaging solutions, will be showing its next-generation technological innovations at IPACK-IMA 2018, Italy’s premier trade show for the packaging industry. The company will present its groundbreaking materials for packaging, custom packaging design and its ISTA-certified testing services conducted in its own laboratory. cArtù®: The star of IPACK-Mat! Grifal is bringing cArtù®, its revolutionary corrugated cardboard that is simultaneously cushioning, flexible and extremely resistant to compression, to IPACK-Mat (Hall 14, Stand C36), the new satellite trade show that takes place alongside IPACK-IMA dedicated to innovative new materials and premium packaging solutions. cArtù® is able to substitute the plastic components commonly used in protective packaging. Grifal is going to the 2018 Packaging Oscars! The winners of this year’s Packaging Oscars will be announced on the 30th of May in Hall 14 of IPACK-Mat 2018. Grifal is among the selected finalists with its all-cArtù® solution for Gewiss floodlights. The winner will receive the prestigious “Oscar dell’Imballaggio” presented by the Italian Packaging Institute. Grifal’s solution for Gewiss, running for the Italian Packaging Oscars, Best Packaging 2018   Where to find us: Hall. 10 Stand D30 - E29 | Hall. 14 Stand C36 (IPACK-mat): FieraMilano RHO When it is possible to visit the fair: IPACK-IMA will be held from 29 May through 1 June, from 09:30 until 18:00. How to get to IPACK-IMA (FieraMilano Rho) It's easy to get to the trade show by car, train, metro or via the Malpensa Shuttle. All travel information is available on the official website of IPACK-IMA (click here).

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Grifal starts book building in advance of listing on AIM Italia

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With its successful roadshow just completed, Grifal has begun the process of book building in advance of its imminent listing on the AIM Italia market. Investor interest is very strong and the listing should take place at the beginning of June, as reported here on the website of the Borsa Italiana.

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Grifal kicks off its IPO roadshow, set to trade by the end of Q2

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Today is day one of the Grifal IPO roadshow. The company, located in the province of Bergamo, is a supplier of industrial packaging solutions and the owner of multiple patents such as Mondaplen and cArtù. It hopes to begin trading on the AIM exchange of the Borsa Italiana by the end of Q2. The capital raised will be used to expand distribution in Italy and abroad, to develop an online sales channel and to further invest in research and development in technology as well as for the product line. Read all the details of the announcement [in Italian] directly on the TGCOM24.com website.

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Grifal presents cArtù at the debut of IPACK-Mat 2018

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Grifal is happy to announce that we will be presenting cArtù® at IPACK-Mat 2018, the new exhibition space at IPACK-IMA 2018, entirely dedicated to innovative solutions in raw materials, components and high value-added packaging. Read all about it in Impackt by Italia Imballaggio, the supplement dedicated to IPACK-Mat. The show takes place at the FieraMilano from 29 May to 1 June 2018. The IPACK-Mat area will be set up in Pavilion 14, a central location at the fair. Grifal will be showing many different solutions all made with cArtù®, the new corrugated cardboard with extra-tall flutes produced with its own patented technology. This innovative material performs as well as, if not better than plastic materials and is, of course, 100% recyclable.  

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Innovation in Packaging Design: Grifal’s solution for Gewiss

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Grifal has developed an award-worthy packaging solution for Gewiss by making use of innovative materials and smart design. In the running for the Italian Packaging Oscars, Best Packaging 2018, this packaging project is emblematic of the kind of technical research and development that has always characterized Grifal. Extremely functional and 100% environmentally friendly, this solution has passed ISTA 1A with flying colors. It protects both the product and the environment. The particularity that makes this solution unique and remarkably efficient is that fact that it consists of four identical units that can be accordion folded in three different ways, thus reducing costs by greatly simplifying the warehouse management of these units and minimizing assembly times. Grifal's packaging solution for the Gewiss Smart[PRO] floodlight Gewiss Smart[PRO] floodlight Project Brief Gewiss has produced a new line of high performance floodlights and LEDs: Smart[PRO] Intended to illuminate large sports venues, these floodlights save significant amount of energy, are easy to install and are extremely bright. Gewiss turned to Grifal to design and produce a packaging solution that satisfied the following requirements: SIMPLE TO MANAGE & ASSEMBLE CUSHIONING BLOCK AND BRACING REDUCED LOGISTICAL COSTS ISTA CERTIFIED ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY   The innovative material: cArtù® These packaging elements are made with cArtù®, Grifal's own patented corrugated cardboard with exceptional performance.   The accordion fold: simple and effective packaging design The accordion folding technique allows a single, identical, unit of cArtù to be folded in three different ways thanks to a series of half-cuts produced in line. It is an extremely simple, yet highly effective, solution made possible by cArtù®'s unique properties. Cushioning without the use of plastics As opposed to traditional corrugated cardboard, cArtù® provides cushioning due to its extra-tall flute [...]

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Buxkin’s corrugated, natural and recycled materials

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Buxkin, a Dutch company making interior furnishings, has asked Grifal to make special waved materials using recycled leather, felt and wool, and exhibited them in the Archiproducts exhibition at via Tortona in Milan during the Design Week. Buxkin's showroom will remain open for a year and you can visit it for free.

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The lamps and the “curves” collection made with cArtù presented at Fuorisalone

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Cartunia Design and Consortium Comieco, at the Mudec Light Card Exhibition inside Fuorisalone, presented the GORG lamp and the new curved collection by Cartunia Design realized in cArtú. They are available to the public since the end of April 2017!

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