Grifal has developed an award-worthy packaging solution for Gewiss by making use of innovative materials and smart design.

In the running for the Italian Packaging Oscars, Best Packaging 2018, this packaging project is emblematic of the kind of technical research and development that has always characterized Grifal.

Extremely functional and 100% environmentally friendly, this solution has passed ISTA 1A with flying colors. It protects both the product and the environment.

The particularity that makes this solution unique and remarkably efficient is that fact that it consists of four identical units that can be accordion folded in three different ways, thus reducing costs by greatly simplifying the warehouse management of these units and minimizing assembly times.

grifal gewiss best packaging 2018 oscar imballaggio

Grifal’s packaging solution for the Gewiss Smart[PRO] floodlight

grifal gewiss best packaging 2018 oscar imballaggio

Gewiss Smart[PRO] floodlight

Project Brief

Gewiss has produced a new line of high performance floodlights and LEDs: Smart[PRO]

Intended to illuminate large sports venues, these floodlights save significant amount of energy, are easy to install and are extremely bright.

Gewiss turned to Grifal to design and produce a packaging solution that satisfied the following requirements:



The innovative material: cArtù®

These packaging elements are made with cArtù®, Grifal’s own patented corrugated cardboard with exceptional performance.


The accordion fold: simple and effective packaging design

The accordion folding technique allows a single, identical, unit of cArtù to be folded in three different ways thanks to a series of half-cuts produced in line.

It is an extremely simple, yet highly effective, solution made possible by cArtù®‘s unique properties.

grifal gewiss best packaging 2018 oscar imballaggio

Cushioning without the use of plastics

As opposed to traditional corrugated cardboard, cArtù® provides cushioning due to its extra-tall flute profile with parabolic waveform. In this case the wave height measures 20mm.

This allowed Grifal to provide a 100% environmentally friendly solution made entirely of paper.

grifal gewiss best packaging 2018 oscar imballaggio

Total block and brace

cArtù® possesses extraordinary compression strength along the flute axis that allows it to firmly block the floodlight in place within its box.

Reduced logistical costs

The four panels of cArtù® that make up this solution are identical so represent a single SKU to manage. These units are flat-packed and stackable, further optimizing warehouse space and simplifying logistics.

The extreme simplicity of assembly reduces the time required to pack up the floodlight to a bare minimum.
grifal gewiss best packaging 2018 oscar imballaggio

ISTA certified

This solution easily passed the drop test and vibration test of the ISTA 1A procedure and is, therefore, certified ISTA 1A.

grifal gewiss best packaging 2018 oscar imballaggio


Reduced consumption of paper

A cubed meter of traditional corrugated cardboard can weigh up to four times as much as an equivalent volume of cArtù®, depending on the type of paper used and the flute specifications.

The height of the flutes can vary from 10 to 20mm, allowing greater material thicknesses with vastly reduced consumption of material.

The increased strength of the flutes constructed with a parabolic arch permits the use of lighter weight papers without sacrificing the impressive compression strength of the material.

grifal gewiss best packaging 2018 oscar imballaggio

cArtù’s parabolic wave height can reach 20mm, while traditional corrugated cardboard sinusoidal flutes can only reach 5mm.


More environmentally friendly

The production of one cubic meter of cArtù® results in 21,2kg of CO2 emissions compared to 82,8kg emitted by the production of one cubic meter of traditional corrugated cardboard.

grifal gewiss best packaging 2018 oscar imballaggio


The drastic reduction in the amount of raw material needed results in a dramatic reduction in the carbon footprint of packaging solutions made with cArtù®. If you take into consideration the elimination of plastic materials, cArtù® is truly a revolution in the world of packaging and a great friend of the environment.

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grifal gewiss best packaging 2018 oscar imballaggio


Gewiss and Grifal: a long history of cooperation

Gewiss is an international leader in the design and productions of domotics systems, industrial power systems devices and lighting.

Grifal has been active in the protective packaging sector since 1969. The name Grifal is synonymous with innovation and expertise.

The business partnership between Gewiss and Grifal goes back many years, culminating in the candidacy of this shared project, an extraordinarily simple and effective packaging solution, to the premier awards ceremony in our industry.