Material ConneXion is a comprehensive library of materials and the world’s leader in material innovation. With offices in New York, Bangkok, Cologne, Daegu, Istanbul, Skövde,Tokyo and Milan, they advise their clients about creating new products through the smart and sustainable use of materials and creative design thinking.

On March 9th, Material ConneXion Italia hosted “Materials Meet Business” in their Milan offices, an event dedicated entirely to sustainable packaging.

Grifal was invited to present cArtù, an innovative type of corrugated cardboard with extraordinary characteristics, produced by our own proprietary process. cArtù is more #ecological than traditional cardboard: it reduces the usage of material by 60% and increases the applicative possibilities, often eliminating the need to use plastic materials in packaging.

To illustrate the benefits and of cArtù, Grifal unveiled the riAlto™ line of containers, bags and boxes created with cArtù. The products are characterized by their strong aesthetic appeal, multiple use cases and by the fact that they can be shipped flat and quickly assembled on site without the use of tape or glue, reducing the cost of logistics and increasing their environmental friendliness even further.