The most enduring innovations always seem to arise out of the need to find new ways to solve tough problems. At the dawn of the 21st century, the packaging market was poised to discover new environmentally sustainable materials with exceptional protective properties.

In 2001, Grifal S.p.A. stepped in to meet this demand by combining the characteristics of the two most common materials used in the industry, corrugated cardboard and EPE foam, to create a new family of products.

The core concept was to take the fluted form of corrugated cardboard and apply it to sheets or rolls of polyethylene foam, forming it into waves that are heat-welded onto flat layers of the foam.

The transition from concept to production was completed in 2003, the same year that Grifal applied for a patent to protect the Mondaplen process in the most important industrialized markets around the world.

The main competitive advantage of Mondaplen is that it uses less raw material and is lighter than the equivalent thickness of comparable products, without sacrificing on performance. In some cases it even outperforms solid materials.

The results are in. Mondaplen is a proven success in the protective packaging market and has also made inroads into markets as diverse as home furnishing, protective gear for sports and sound dampening materials.

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