Grifal SpA has acquired a 15% share of Buxkin BV (, a Dutch company that markets solutions for acoustic treatments and the decoration of interior spaces.

Grifal, by virtue of its patented corrugating technology, has made possible the creation of a new line of exclusive and environmentally friendly products made with felt and recycled leather.

Buxkin’s introduction of these corrugated materials for “green design” has met with great success all around the world, based on their sound absorption properties and strong visual appeal.

Some of their most noteworthy recent projects have been the interior decoration of the Court of Justice of the European Union and the administrative offices of Amazon and Ikea.

This is the first example, outside of the packaging sector, of the strategic potential for this innovative corrugation technology.


Here is the link to the article (in italian) appeared on the Borsa Italiana website:

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