Grifal’s ISTA certified laboratory, is the only one in Italy able to perform 20 testing protocols.

  • ISTA 1 SERIES: A, B, C, D, E, G, H


Is my packaging is secure?
The ISTA 1 SERIES checks the strength and effectiveness of the package by simulating the stress that usually occurs within a normal cycle of transportation.
The protocols that are part of the ISTA 1 SERIES, are considered “basic tests” useful in an initial analysis phase of the packaging to be certified.

  • ISTA 2 SERIES: A, B, C


what risks can my package sustain during a transportation cycle?
The ISTA 2 SERIES consists of tests involving the combination of basic elements of the ISTA 1 SERIES test with the most advanced of the ISTA 3 SERIES. The packaging sample is thus tested, partially reproducing a specific transportation cycle in which at least one of the following categories of ISTA tests, is performed:

    • Free fall drop
    • Vibration
    • Compression
    • Atmospheric conditions
  • ISTA 3 SERIES: A, B, E, F


How does my package fare if shipped worldwide with various transport systems?
The ISTA 3 SERIES is the accurate laboratory reproduction of the stresses that the packaging and the product it contains, may sustain throughout the transportation cycle.
The tests that are part of this SERIES check all 4 general categories of ISTA protocols, thus creating an expectation of greater test predictability, making them more reliable and precise.

  • ISTA 6 SERIES:, B Project; 6-FedEx A/B; 6-Samsclub

How can I test the resistance of my packaging in case of an atypical and complex transport cycle?
The ISTA 6 SERIES consists of protocols created by ISTA members or with collaboration between ISTA and a partner company to suit particular purposes and applications.
The tests can be new or simple variations of ISTA procedures and protocols already published and recognized. ISTA approves these tests, but the main responsibility remains on the companies that drafted them. The special protocols of the ISTA SERIES 6, are:

  • Project: Heavy or bulky products packaged for the distribution system;
  • 6-FEDEX-A: Procedures required by FedEx to test shipping of packaged products up to 150 lb (68 kg);
  • 6-FEDEX-B: Procedures required by FedEx to test shipping of packaged products over 150 lb (68 kg);
  • 6-SAMSCLUB: Packaged products for the Sam’s Club distribution system.

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