Handling of palletized packaging is used mainly by companies that send their goods on pallets that can consist of multiple “single packages” on a pallet (i.e. the food industry) or of a single product on a single pallet (i.e. equipment for the Electro-medical Sector).

For this category of packaging, Grifal applies the following test protocols:
WEIGHT – Kg or greater palletized
SERIES – 1E – 3E – 3B

The following tests are included:

  • Vibration
  • Horizontal Impact
  • Rotational Edge Drop
  • Climate tests
  • Simulation of the path actually taken by the pallet by dropping it on a forklift.
Specifically, the testing that the pallets will undergo consists of particular stresses that simulate the stress sustained by the pallet, such as different types of impact and vibration.
The package will then be subjected to atmospheric conditions tests performed in special climate chambers of a volume up to 300 m3.
The last step, will be the simulation of the actual route taken for handling of the pallet, with the help of a forklift.
The ISTA 3 SERIES tests are also recommended for palletized packages over 68 kg. The tests reproduce stresses in the laboratory that the packaging, and the product contained therein, could sustain throughout the transportation cycle.
The tests are part of this SERIES, check all of the 4 general categories of ISTA protocols, namely, free fall drop, vibration, compression and atmospheric conditions, thus creating an expectation of greater test predictability, making them more reliable and accurate.
Finally, for this category of packaging, in addition to the ISTA 3 SERIES the test protocols that are part of the ISTA 1 SERIES, may also be applied.
However, it is useful to keep in mind that these are classified as the most basic category of tests and are used primarily as first step of analysis of a package, because:

  • they challenge its ability to withstand various types of stresses
  • they are not real simulations of transport hazards and do not necessarily reflect the packaging regulations for a specific carrier.

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