Project Description

With cArtù®, Grifal has created a line of exceptional containers that combines the eco-sustainability of cardboard boxes with the cushioning effect of the plastic foams materials. cArtù® has excellent properties shock absorption thanks to its extra-high waves and flexibility, so the containers do not require either specially designed interiors or the traditional filling materials. They are made of high-quality paper that is 100% recyclable.

cArtù® containers are highly durable, safe, and ready to use. From an aesthetic point of view, they give the products an innovative and “green” appeal, distinctive and eye-catching.

cArtù® containers can be customized with logos and unique colors – only on request and dependent on quantity.

The cArtù® containers sare availables in 3 version:

  • Cushioning Box;
  • Cushioning boxes;
  • Stacking Tray;
  • Bottle Single Boxes.