Project Description


The cArtù® single wall models are called Panels, and have the classic structure of traditional corrugated cardboard, featuring covering on both sides.
Thanks to the highly resistant wave structure of cArtù®, the Panels can be made with one or both coverings made of Light paper, so they are flexible on
one or both sides.
If, on the other hand, both coverings are made with heavier paper, they will look similar to rigid panels, and are equally protective.


These formats are characterized by the utmost innovation:

  • they are able to reach greater thicknesses (up to
    20mm) with a single wave.
  • they have cushioning properties comparable to
    those of plastic foam materials.
  • they are characterized by their exceptional vertical
    compression resistance and three different levels of

The cArtù® panels it’s available in three different version depending on the flexibility:

  • panels;
  • flexible panels;
  • rollable panels.