Project Description

Grifal’s core business is characterised by our ability to deliver advanced protective packaging solutions and consultancy services to our clients, researching and developing bespoke packaging designs to satisfy the needs of our most demanding clients. Furthermore, Grifal is among the select group of companies in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS), certified by Amazon’s Customer Packaging Experience Lab (CPEX) in Seattle, Washington.

Working according to a series of carefully selected procedures and processes as defined by ISO 9002, our packaging design team takes each project from idea to realisation: research, design, development, testing and certification based on the results of a battery of tests that simulate the transport conditions foreseen for each specific product. A complete packet of documentation is delivered with each solution upon request.

Every project consists of these interrelated operational phases:

1. Receive input about the product (physical characteristics and critical packaging issues)
2. Analysis of the distributive environment (transport modalities, distances, warehousing, climactic conditions and regulatory requirements)
3. Environmental impact study in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
4. Definition of specific goals and deliverables with respect to steps 1 – 3.
5. Presentation of a proposal (or a series of proposals, upon request) for client approval of the design.
6. Finalise the decision and create the specifications including materials, dimensions, shapes and production, assembly and delivery details.
7. Preparation of prototypes.

8. Testing the packaging under simulated conditions of transport and handling using mechanical equipment, environmental/climactic chambers and other means to subject the packaging to the same stresses, as defined by local and international standards, that it will experience in the distribution environment.

9. Creation of reports with the specifications and results all the tests conducted.
10. Creation of technical drawings and instructions with respect to the assembly and usage of the packaging solution.

Grifal’s in-house graphic design team works with clients to make sure that the packaging solution is optimised in terms of marketing goals and aesthetic considerations. We can personalise the packaging to integrate perfectly into existing marketing and communications campaigns or can create new identities and campaigns according to each client’s needs.

And, of course, Grifal’s clients can always count on us for continuous after-sales support.

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