Project Description

is our patented process for creating protective packaging and void filling protective materials from corrugated layers of polyethylene, or other thermo-sensitive films or foams, laminated to one (single-face) or two (double-face) flat layers of the same or compatible materials.
This special construction creates a very thick and surprisingly light and flexible material that adapts perfectly to protect many different kinds of products. Mondaplen is soft to the touch, robust in its protective performance and very aesthetically pleasing. Mondaplen is so versatile that customers can reduce the number of stock codes in their warehouses, streamlining the logistics process.

It is sold in roll or sheet formats and we can also convert Mondaplen into many different application-ready solutions or support our partners in their converting processes.

Raw materials and the environment

Polyethylene (PE) foam is the material most commonly used in the Mondaplen® process because of its thermo-weldability, easy availability and solid performance. It can be securely welded to itself, or other heat-weldable materials, with heat alone, without the need for glue.
As for sustainability, PE foam is recyclable, reusable and does not release dioxins when burned, as opposed to other, less eco-friendly polymers.

Other materials

Other than PE foam, the Mondaplen® corrugating process may be applied to crossed-linked polyethylene and polypropylene foams. The process works well with non-foam materials as well, such as PVC, polyester fibre, plastic films, bubble films, fabrics, non-woven textiles, plastic nets, film-laminated paper and other flexible materials.

Mondaplen® & the XXI Compasso d’Oro

Mondaplen’s strong design appeal was recognized during ADI’s 21st edition of Compasso d’oro, in 2007, one of Italy’s most prestigious design prizes.
The jury praised Mondaplen’s features and innovative technological process, over and above its innovative design that can be applied to both the packaging and non-packaging markets, inviting notable Italian designers to make use of the material in their latest projects.

Mondaplen® and ISTA certification

Mondaplen® is well-suited to applications that must pass various levels of the ISTA (Search Results
International Safe Transit Association) certification of protective packaging solutions, thanks to its physical flexibility, high performance capabilities and its adaptability to products of different sizes and shapes.


Our partners are the authorized producers and converters of Mondaplen®. They are granted a license to use our machines (wave makers, cutting machines, punch cutters, profile cutters and winders) and are closely supported during all phases of the production to insure maximum quality control and lightening quick tech support.  Our technology team and specialised engineers offer them 360-degrees of support across the board.