Project Description

The cArtù® Packaging Kits are comprehensive solutions for the safe transport of your products, and include both the box and interior cushioning elements. They are simple, ready to use, and available in many formats suitable for products of various shapes and sizes.

They benefit from all the characteristics of cArtù®, the new, flexible and cushioning corrugated cardboard, which reinforces the box it is used in and simultaneously protects the items inside from bumps and vibrations.


The Cushioning System is a comprehensive packaging kit consisting of a cushioning box and three pieces of cArtù® – the new corrugated cardboard that provides a cushioning effect comparable to that of plastic foams. It consists of two panels (called “bottom” and “top” because they are positioned at the bottom of the box and above the item inside it) and one cArtù® Lateral strip.

While the two panels protect the item’s exterior from bumps and vibrations, the strip increases the capacity of the box, through the high vertical compression resistance that characterizes the cArtù® wave. Available in a variety of formats, it is the secure and ready-to-use solution for the most varied protection needs.