Project Description

Packaging materials – Incredibulle® Mondaplen

“Incredibulle” (aka Mondaplen Extra Wrap) is the our new material for the protection and void-fill markets. This product is a massive improvement over traditional bubble wrap films. It is produced by laminating a layer of waved polyethylene foam to a layer of bubble film, creating an extremely pliable and flexible protective wrapping material, far more effective than bubble film alone.

It is available in single face or double face versions, in different colors or with printed films and is supplied in rolls of varying dimensions according to customer specifications. It is completely recyclable, soft to the touch and aesthetically pleasing. That’s why it’s so popular!

Mondaplen® is a new lamination process that creates an innovative waved material with outstanding cushioning performances, due to its specific and “designed” shapes.
This particular product also provides better insulation performances as well as an effective reduction of weight and use of raw materials, without losing the cushioning performance required.
Thanks to Mondaplen®’s structure, analogous to that of corrugated cardboard, yields a lighter product that shares the same characteristics with materials that have a similar thickness.
In some applications its performance are superior to those of traditional materials.
In case of PE foam, Mondaplen® shows off its many advantages, maintaining it’s flexibility, softness and protective qualities across all thicknesses, while being easier to handle due to its relative lightness. Mondaplen® can be produced in two different
versions, the open wave and the covered wave.
The open wave basic composition and structure consists of a flat layer of material to which a second waved layer is heat-welded. The covered wave is simply the open wave with an additional flat layer heat-welded to the top of the waved layer.
The innovation of this revolutionary technology is not limited to technical features. Mondaplen® is also highly innovative thanks to its design. Whether in open or covered version, its highly appealing waved structure draws positive attention and helps to differentiate itself in the marketplace.