Project Description

Packaging systems – The InspiroPack System is a packaging technology which makes use of heat softened film and vacuum sealing to securely fix products to a protective backing material such as Mondaplen® or cArtù® to protect products in transit.

Our range of flexible corrugated backing materials simplifies the creation of a vacuum and provides superior protection against vibrations and shocks during shipping and handling.

The transparent film conforms perfectly to the shape of the product and keeps it firmly in place.

The InspiroPack System creates packages with complete product visibility so you can immediately identify the product and check for damages, tampering or missing components at a glance.

Mondaplen® is a new lamination process that creates an innovative waved material with outstanding cushioning performances, due to its specific and “designed” shapes.
This particular product also provides better insulation performances as well as an effective reduction of weight and use of raw materials, without losing the cushioning performance required.
Thanks to Mondaplen®’s structure, analogous to that of corrugated cardboard, yields a lighter product that shares the same characteristics with materials that have a similar thickness.

cArtù is a completely new kind of corrugated cardboard with exceptional characteristics.

Greater flute height, lighter and stronger: our innovative process for producing cArtù creates a flute height of 15mm, yielding 50% more waves than in traditional corrugated cardboard.

cArtù is, therefore, able to withstand much greater compression while using much less cardboard.

The increased flute height provides cArtù with shock absorbing properties that permit the creation of 100% paper solutions, completely eliminating the use of plastic-based materials such as expanded polystyrene, or polyethylene or polyurethane foams.

In the single-face construction, cArtù is extraordinarily pliable, allowing it to bend to form almost any imaginable shape.

cArtù, just like any other corrugated cardboard, is 100% recyclable and can be disposed of along with other paper products.