Project Description

Paper shopping bag – riAlto™

Grifal introduces the riAlto™ line, an original range of protective packaging with an elegant design developed for minimal environmental impact.

The name riAlto™ refers to the element that unites all the products in this line. They are made with cArtù a new type of corrugated cardboard created by technological innovation. The geometry of its waveform is that of the arch, used by architects  to build bridges throughout history.

The recipient of the riAlto™_Bag will be impressed by its harmony of form and aesthetic appeal. The simplicity of its design and efficacy of its protection makes this a great choice for products that may suffer shocks during transport.

Easy to ship, store and assemble, it’s made from a single die-cut sheet of cArtù that can be shipped and stored flat.

This multi-use bag can be customized by using different colors of paper, using printed paper or even adding a bow or ribbon to suit any occasion. It can be used to package clothing, accessories, bottles or other articles.



  • Can be supplied disassembled for logistics savings;
  • Easy to assemble, the entire box is made from cArtù with no glue or tape needed for assembly;
  • Reusable;
  • Recyclable;
  • Lightweight;
  • Customizable.

cArtù is a new kind of corrugated cardboard with a revolutionary design. The innovative profile of its extra high waveform makes it super-light and shock absorbing. It can be used for protection and presentation because it’s simultaneously rigid along one axis, flexible along the other and thick enough to absorb major shocks. 

cArtù is endowed with exceptional characteristics​: 

Shock AbsorbingThanks to its arch-like waveform and elevated wave heightcArtù has a high level of shock absorption so it can replace commonly used plastic shipping materials with no loss of protection​.

Aesthetic appeal and Italian designcArtù is attractive, simply elegant and emotionally expressive.​

Resistance: The structural strength along the flute axis is 30% greater than a product of the same form made with traditional corrugated cardboard. 

Eco-friendly: A product made of cArtù uses about 40% less material than the same sized container would need if it were made with traditional corrugated cardboard.​

Second life:  After its first use, cArtù can be repurposed for secondary uses.