Project Description

Grifal introduces the riAlto™ line, an original range of protective packaging with an elegant design developed for minimal environmental impact.

The name riAlto™ refers to the element that unites all the products in this line. They are made with cArtù™, a new type of corrugated cardboard created by technological innovation. The geometry of its waveform is that of the arch, used by architects  to build bridges throughout history.
Every product in the riAlto™ line takes advantage of the properties of cArtù™.
Features: Aesthetic appeal and Italian design: the riAlto™ packaging solutions are attractive, simply elegant and emotionally expressive.
Strength: the structural strength along the flute axis of riAlto™ packaging products is 30% greater than packaging of the same form made with traditional corrugated cardboard. As an example, in order to match the load bearing capability of a cArtù™ flute made with 220g paper, you would need to use a traditional cardboard with a paper weight of at least 330g.
Transportability: cArtù™ optimizes logistics and reduces volumetric weights for shipping
Easy to use: can be converted by the same machinery used for traditional corrugated cardboard.
Flexible and versatile: all of the products in the riAlto™ line can be supplied in different shapes and sizes. The sides of the boxes are rigid along one axis and flexible along the other making it possible to create different shaped boxes by varying the form of the base from a circle to an oval or any polygonal shape, even if asymmetrical.
Eco-friendly: riAlto™ products are made with recycled paper and are themselves 100% recyclable. They use about 40% less material than the same sized container would need if it were made with traditional corrugated cardboard.
Second life: Above and beyond its first use, riAlto™ boxes and bags can be repurposed for secondary uses.
Customization: the riAlto™ line of products can be produced with any kind of colored paper or pre-printed paper. It can even be printed directly on the corrugated side, post-production with logos, images or graphic elements to create that “Wow!” effect.
Shock Absorbing: cArtù™ boasts a high level of shock absorption so it can replace commonly used plastic shipping materials with no loss of protection
riAlto™ products pass the 5 E’s test:
    •    Easy to recognise
    •    Easy to open
    •    Easy to fill
    •    Easy to sell
    •    Easy to dispose of