Project Description

The Single ply cArtù® models can be used inside boxes with three functions: as cushioning elements (top & bottom), as reinforcing strips (Lateral strips), and as separators (or trays). They can also be used on the exterior of the boxes, with two functions: as cushioning elements applied to the pallet, and as separators among various objects stacked on a the same pallet.

The Single ply models can be supplied in both sheets and rolls


The Single ply cArtù® models have a single covering and are characterized by the exposure of the “extra-high” cArtù® wave, the arched shape of which recalls elements of classical architecture and gives packaging solutions a distinctive aesthetic appeal.


These models are characterized by the most innovation:

  • They are able to reach greater thicknesses (up to 20mm) with a single wave.
  • They have cushioning properties comparable to those of plastic foam materials.
  •  They are characterized by their combination of exceptional vertical compression resistance, lightness, and flexibility.

The Single ply models can be supplied in three variants:

  • Sheets;
  • Flexible Sheets;
  • Rollable Sheets.