Wine boxes – Mondaplen Bottle Saver


Wine boxes – Mondaplen Bottle Saver In this original packaging solution for bottles the height of the Mondaplen flute corresponds to the diameter of the bottle so that the bottle can be slipped into the sleeve to be surrounded by protective material. This solution has [...]

Mondaplen Bottle Blocks


Mondaplen Bottle Blocks This protective packaging solution for bottles uses two blocks of Mondaplen that have been die-cut and inserted into a custom fitted box with locking cover. The bottle is well-cushioned and held safely in place during shipping and handling, with the added [...]

Retention & suspension


Retention & suspension : these packaging systems consist of a cardboard window coupled to elastomeric film. They are very versatile and can be used on wide range of products. We produce two versions of this system: (1) Retention packaging: the product is blocked on just one side (2) Suspension packaging: […]

ESD & VCI packaging


ESD & VCI packaging ESD: Grifal has over 20 years of experience in protective packaging for electrostatic-sensitive devices (ESD) such as electronic components and products that may be damaged by electrostatic discharges and shocks. […]

Lithographic printing


Grifal manufactures 4-color process lithographically printed boxes. We can also emboss, varnish, die-cut and produce other special artwork effects. We have our own graphics studio to assist our customers with original designs, artwork production and marketing. […]

Cardboard PowerFour


Grifal’s PowerFour cardboard is constructed out of high quality paper stock and water-resistant glue. Available in different weights, it boasts a vertical compression strength (BCT) of up to 50% greater than conventional 3-layer cardboard available today. […]

Cardboard boxes


Grifal has been manufacturing quality corrugated cardboard boxes for over 40 years. We produce standard slotted boxes, die-cut boxes, folding boxes and inserts in a variety of thicknesses and strengths. We also have a “four-wave” line of cardboard that is so strong it can replace wooden boxes for many applications. [...]