European PPWR Packaging Regulation

“Poorly designed packaging leads to diseconomies and negative impacts in terms of sustainability. At Grifal, we promote an integrated approach to innovative packaging solutions that are made from green materials and can reduce volumes while providing excellent product protection.”

– Mauro Crotti, Sales Director Grifal Group

European PPWR Regulation
(Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation)

The new EU Regulation for packaging

On April 24, 2024, the European Parliament approved the text of the agreement on the new PPWR (Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation) for:

  1. Preventing and reducing packaging waste.
  2. Ensure recyclability of packaging placed on the EU market by 2030.
  3. Harmonizing the rules of the common market

Main points covered by the legislation

  • Weight and volume of packaging minimized
  • Ratio of internal empty space to product: max. 50%.
  • Mandatory recyclability of packaging
  • Bans on the use of single-use plastics.
  • Reusable packaging for transporting large household appliances (paper and cardboard packaging is exempt)

How Grifal can help you comply with PPWR

  • Analysis of the suitability of the packaging in use
  • Design of Environmentally Sustainable Packaging Solutions that comply with the parameters set by regulations
  • Range of ready-to-use green products
  • ISTA/Amazon protocol-compliant laboratory testing and LCA analysis to avoid penalties (e.g., eCommerce) and “greenwashing” challenges

Does your packaging comply with the new EU Regulation?

To help you understand whether your packaging is in compliance, our
Test Laboratory
ISTA- and Amazon-certified verifies design, structure and performance according to internationally recognized procedures and certifies compliance with guidelines.

Download the ISTA procedures in Italian used by the Test Laboratory