cArtù® represents the new frontier in corrugated cardboard with a revolutionary structure and high visual appeal.

cArtù® is the trade name of the new corrugated cardboard whose benefits can be summarized as the use of less paper to yield greater performance.

Exceptional load bearing

Thanks to its innovative design, cArtù® is able to sustain incredible vertical compression while maintaining its flexibility along the horizontal axis. The steep and narrow channels between the flutes that serve as reinforcing ribs, combined with the parabolic profile of the waves, increase the number of corrugations by 50% over traditional corrugated cardboard, given the same length of material.

This increase in compression strength along the flutes allows us to use lighter weights of paper to achieve equal load bearing performance.

Surprising flexibility

Since cArtù® can be made with relatively light paper, the material remains extremely flexible in the horizonal sense, making it ideal to wrap around shapes of all kinds. Whether the product to be packaged is a bottle of wine or a ceramic vase, cArtù® can be made to follow its contours with perfect precision.

It’s the sustainable alternative to plastic materials in protective packaging – cArtù® is a very effective shock absorber.

cArtù® is the ecological solution for reducing the amount of polystryrene, polyurethane and polyethylene so commonly used in today’s packaging industry. If you were to use traditional corrugated cardboard to achieve the same thickness as plastic materials, you would need to use heavy tri-wall cardboard. Using cArtù®, with a thickness of 15 or 20mm, a single sheet can achieve the same result with significant savings in weight, raw material and carbon footprint. 

Increased wave height

cArtù®‘s parabolic flutes are the reason that we can produce this material with an incredible thickness between 10 and 20mm with a single ply or single wall structure! The direct result of this wave height is an increased ability to absorb shocks and to protect the contents of your packaging from accidental drops and the foreseeable shocks and bumps that occur during shipping, handling and storage.

Incredible lightness

A cubic meter of cArtù® can weigh just a third of the same volume of traditional corrugated cardboard, depending on the weight of the paper used and the wave height.

This important factor greatly expands the range of applications for which cArtù® is suited in the packaging industry, including but not limited to void filling, blocking and bracing.


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