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Board of Directors:

Fabio Angelo Gritti was born on December 11, 1956 and attained a scientific degree in 1975. In 1980, he began his career in Grifal, where he has spent his entire career, having begun in more executive roles
and moving on to become commercial director and subsequently managing director and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He holds numerous product and process patents internationally and is responsible for the creation of innovative corrugated products and the machines designed for their production.
In addition to having led growth efforts at Grifal, he founded and managed Interwave Srl as sole director, a company operating since 2004 in the management of industrial patents, as well as Mondaplen Tech Srl, a company operating since 2010 in the design and construction of plants and machinery for processing materials within the packaging sector; both companies merged with Grifal in 2018 before going public.
He is a founding partner of Immobiliare Cantarana Srl and Vice President of G-Quattronove Srl, a holding company of the Gritti group.
From 1998 to 2001, he was a member of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of BCC Orobica of Cologno al Serio.
He has been a member of the Board of Directors of 4AIM Sicaf since 2018.

Roberto Gritti was born on October 13, 1962 in Bergamo and attained a scientific degree in 1983. In 1996, he began to work at Grifal, contributing to the company’s growth by monitoring developments in areas of production, investments in new plants and the construction and start-up of new production facilities. He contributions include design and industrialization of new products and personnel management. He monitors the development of special projects. He is Deputy Vice President of Grifal as well as the Chairman of Immobiliare Cantarana S.r.l.

Bruno Gritti was born on July 6, 1961 in Castione della Presolana and attained a scientific degree in 1980. In 1982, he founded the Gritti Bruno and Alfio Agricultural Company, of which he is still a partner and legal representative, where since 2006 he has activated the process of transformation from dairy cattle rearing to dairy buffalo rearing and began the start-up of Quattro Portoni dairy with an innovative production of aged buffalo cheeses aimed primarily at foreign markets. From 1991 to 2017, he was the sole director of Immobiliare Cantarana Srl, managing the realization of production development plans and industrial buildings. In 2017, he became managing director, extending his operations to residential buildings. He also holds the position of Chairman of G-Quattronove Srl, a holding company of the Gritti group.

Alfio Giorgio Gritti was born in Cologno al Serio on May 1, 1958 and obtained his degree in veterinary medicine in 1984 at the University of Milan. In 1982, he became a member of the Gritti Bruno and Alfio Agricultural Company. He has also been working as a veterinarian since 1985. Since 2006 he has mainly handled agricultural enterprise, concentrating on the transformation of dairy cattle breeding into dairy buffalo breeding and the start-up of the Quattro Portoni dairy with an innovative production of aged buffalo cheeses. He is CEO of G-Quattronove Srl, holding company of the Gritti group. In 2014, he also became a member of the board of directors of Agroenergie Bergamasche sca, a cooperative of companies for the production of energy from livestock waste and nitrate abatement in their wastewaters.

Giulia Gritti was born on October 22, 1985 and obtained a specialist degree in public and business communication in 2011 at the University of Milan. In 2012, she began her activity at Grifal, where she has worked on the definition and coordination of marketing and corporate communication activities.

Mauro Crotti was born on October 7, 1975 in Bergamo and attained a scientific degree in 1994. In 1996, he began his activity at Grifal, first as coordinator of agent activities, then as sales manager. He holds the position of commercial director in the Company.

Luigi Mario Daleffe was born on October 29, 1950 in Cologno al Serio and obtained a degree in medicine and surgery, with subsequent specialization in dentistry and stomatology. He subsequently obtained a master’s degree in forensic odontology. He works as a freelancer. Over the years, he has been national president of the National Association of Italian Dentists (1995-1998), then president of Fondo Dentisti (1997-2007) and of the Fondo Sanità (2007-2013), of which he is currently acting director. From 2013 to 2017, he was Managing Director of ENPAM Real Estate and in 2017 he became the Chairman.

Antonino Flenda was born in Palermo on March 4, 1949 and obtained a degree in economics from the University of Milan. He has worked as the European sales manager at Monarch Rubber Co. USA, at Packaging Ind. Corp. USA and at Sealed Air Italy. At the time of admission document, he was director of Rubber & Plastic Foams S.a.s.

Andrea Cornelli was born in Milan on June 19, 1962 and attained a scientific degree in 1980. He began his professional career by founding C&T Hardware & Software in 1981. Also in 1981, he worked for Cornelli Packaging, where at the time of admission document he held the role of managing director. Moreover, from 1994 to 2002 he was a director of Telemacus, a company active in the web marketing sector, and from 2003 to 2017 he was Chairman and CEO of Ketchum Public Relations S.r.l.

Auditing firm:


BDO Italia S.p.A

Board of Auditors:

Valerio Gastoldi – President

Paola Landini – Acting Auditor

Mario Papalia – Acting Auditor