Corrugated cardboard

Reliable and distinctive packaging

Packaging is your business card

“Anything From a Pin to an Elephant” reads the slogan of Britain’s most famous department store, supplier to the Royal Family. A shopper’s paradise where products of all kinds come from all corners of the world. Products that have nothing in common with each other except for one thing: they all arrive packaged in a corrugated cardboard box.

Corrugated cardboard is the world’s most popular packaging material, ideal for containing and transporting your products. A box or box set is in fact your business card in the eyes of the end customer.

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How to manage the processing of corrugated cardboard

Critical to Grifal is the continuous upgrading of production lines, constant staff training and the quality of our work: intermediate and finished product testing, traceability of raw materials, transparent processes at every stage ensure the full eco-sustainability and recyclability of each of our packaging solutions, respecting the environment and the customer.

Consulting services

Rely on the experience of Grifal

We will design the most suitable packaging for your needs, adhering to your technical and functional requirements:
  • Slotted boxes
  • Die cut boxes
  • Cardboard packaging with inserts
  • Packaging with cut-outs and printing

And if what you need does not yet exist, we’ll create it for you.