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Training courses and events

Innovation Hub is Grifal Group’s headquarters at Kilometro Rosso Innovation District in Bergamo, the science-technology park dedicated to innovation.

Grifal provides training and marketing services in this airy, modern space, the perfect environment to conduct meetings and events in a place that inspires creativity and the free exchange of ideas.

Packaging Experience Training®

This is the training course that provides innovative tools for designing and evaluating environmentally sustainable packaging conducted by an experienced team of experts and guest speakers in a professional networking environment.

Participants learn skills to tackle packaging projects with an integrated approach to the entire packaging lifecycle: value creation throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to reuse and recycling.

Subjects covered in the courses

  • Sustainability: use of sustainable materials, national standards, EU regulations
  • Design: cost optimization through integrated design, testing as a design tool
  • R&D: new materials and technologies
  • Marketing: communicating green values and branding through packaging
  • Logistics: storage, transportation and delivery are part of the packaging value chain
  • Purchasing: identifying expenses and managing hidden costs

Download the Packaging Experience Training brochure in italian