A success story

How to make plastic packaging more sustainable

In 2001 Grifal invented Mondaplen®, a brand new material that was more environmentally sustainable than polyethylene foam sheets from which it was made — and with exceptional shock-absorbing properties. 

The genius of Mondaplen® is that it combines the best properties of the two most common materials: corrugated cardboard and PE foam. 

By corrugating a sheet of PE foam and laminating it to a pair of flat sheets, we recreated the structure of traditional corrugated cardboard. Thus Mondaplen® was born. 

It uses less raw material when compared to a solid sheet of the same thickness and is also, therefore, lighter. Nevertheless its performance for packaging applications is equal to or even better, depending on the type of use.

Not only that, we recycle 100 percent of scrap and waste by feeding them back into the production cycle, further reducing CO2 emissions.

Patented for its originality

Mondaplen® production took off in 2003, when Grifal obtained a patent for the production process.

From packaging to design

Mondaplen® is a success story, from packaging to areas as diverse as design, sports, and acoustic comfort.

Super protective and cushioning

Mondaplen® ‘s flexibility and ability to adapt to products of different shapes, weights and sizes are winning features.

Mondaplen® protects your product and looks great at the same time

In 2007,  Mondaplen® was awarded the prestigious commendation at the XXI Compasso d’Oro ADI, the Association for Industrial Design.

This very important award celebrates the aesthetic appeal of this material, its originality and its remarkable functional characteristics for protective packaging.