LCA analysis

We commissioned an LCA analysis on one of our flagship products to pursue a transparent and measurable approach to sustainability, a subject that has always been at the center of our attention and a driver of our innovation.

– Fabio Gritti, president and CEO of Grifal Group

Life Cycle Assessment

A total of 29 packaging products were analyzed and compared

Life Cycle Assessment analysis showed how cArtù® and cushionPaper™ are more environmentally sustainable than traditional packaging materials.

In fact, the study carried out by AzzeroCO2 (article in Italian) made it possible to:

  • Quantify the carbon footprint of a packaging solution based on cArtù® and cushionPaper;
  • Compare alternative solutions and demonstrate the
    effectiveness the results.
CO2 emissions associated with cArtù® compared to major plastics.

Comparison of emissions associated with cArtù®

The use of one cubic meter of cArtù® avoids the emission of about 78 Kg CO2 eq/m3 (average value), while the benefit is even higher when compared with a plastic material: the avoided emissions are 87 Kg CO2 eq/m3.

Specifically, the emissions of polystyrene (EPS) sheet are 2.4 times higher, while they are 2.8 times higher for an LDPE “L” profile and 3.5 times higher for an LDPE sheet.