Grifal Technologies

Converting machinery for innovative materials

Precision modular cutters

Grifal Technologies cutters offer an impressive suite of features to convert high-performance materials for packaging applications and beyond:

  • Cuts and half-cuts
  • Scoring and perforating
  • Inline ink-jet printing
  • Roll or sheet feed
  • Business Intelligence integration

Precise converting

Can work with materials
up to 20 mm thick

Inline printing

6 separate and independently adjustable printing heads

Extensive know-how

Equipment engineering

We design and manufacture a range of intelligent packaging and gluing machines.

Solutions for a variety industries

We improve the efficiency and productivity of all our partner companies.

Materials expertise

20+ years of experience in converting foams, papers, cartons, felts…

Tieng, a Grifal Group company, designs and manufactures adhesive application systems

Roll-Coater Tieng HRS 1700 M ECO