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Grifal Group is a benchmark in the packaging sector in Italy, with Grifal Spa as its principal component. Active since 1969,  and currently listed on Euronext Growth Milan exchange, the Group is formed by Tieng Srl, Grifal Europe Srl in Romania and Seven cArtù Lda., a joint venture with the José Neves Group in Portugal.

The Grifal Group’s international development strategy includes the opening of production centers to meet its multinational customers’ demands across different geographical areas, as it begins to establish its market-leading products cArtù® and cushionPaper™ as the new standards of green packaging in Europe.

Environmental commitment

Starting in 2019, we began to publish an annual Sustainability Report to share our progress toward an increasingly environmentally and people-friendly future through intensely focused strategies, carefully considered goals and timely initiatives.

We asked an independent institute for a Life Cycle Assessmet (LCA) of the carbon footprint of cArtù® and we are proud to have obtained a range of internationally recognized environmental certifications.

We are proud of our achievements so far and look forward to the next goals ahead. These include continued growth in terms of employee satisfaction. We call it ‘organizational well-being’ — an approach that aims to develop an increasingly healthy, sustainable and supportive work environment in which employees feel increasingly valued, supported and motivated.”

– Fabio Gritti, president and CEO of Grifal Group

Trust and loyalty

Grifal pays special attention to creating a friendly working environment focused on the well-being of employees. In addition to recruiting highly qualified individuals, we only select candidates who share our vision, mission and our values.

Focus on people

Grifal’s most relevant stakeholders are our employees, to whom we try to provide all necessary support. We also recognize the value of each person through a program of benefits and rewards to make work a deeply satisfying experience.


In addition to basic health and safety training, we offer:

  1. General training, a complete course aimed at new hires during which they spend time in every division to learn about its main activities;
  2. Specific training, conducted by each manager to ensure that every employee has all the resources they need to excel.

Corporate Welfare

We define welfare as the set of activities aimed at improving the well-being of employees in all areas of their lives, professional and personal.

Grifal’s policy, in keeping with the company’s values, embraces a number of initiatives. Thanks to the agreement signed with labor unions, for example, the Performance Bonus can be used by employees in whole or in part as part of the corporate welfare program.

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If there are no open positions that fit your resume at this time, we welcome your unsolicited application. We are always interested to get to know talented individuals, so that when the moment is right, we can invite them to join the Grifal Group!

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