Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria now play a pivotal role across all business and financial sectors. A core objective for our company is to comprehensively incorporate sustainability principles into each of our operations – tackling climate change, conserving resources and addressing societal challenges head-on.

Paramount among these efforts is our commitment to promoting tangible well-being for our colleagues, not just in the workplace but also in their personal lives wherever feasible. We firmly believe that prioritizing ESG factors unlocks tremendous value while upholding our ethical obligations as a responsible corporate citizen.”

– Fabio Gritti, president and CEO of Grifal Group

Our commitment

We are in the protection business

We are sustainable by definition, because of the things we do, because of the way we do them and because that is exactly how we want to do them.

These were the introductory words written in our first publication dedicated to Environmental, Social and Governance issues in 2019, “Sustainability Reporting, the first step – Protecting everywhere,” which reported data for 2018.

In September 2023, we are proud to have published our fourth annual Sustainability Report, produced in partnership with BDO, the first edition consolidated at the Group level. The document in Italian is available in the Presentations section and in the Financial Press Releases section. Read the Italian press release here. 

Grifal "ESG Best in class"

In April 2023, SDA Bocconi School of Management’s REPAiR LAB, in collaboration with CRIF and Ambromobiliare, launched the first ESG Index that rates Italian listed SMEs according to sustainability parameters for ESG-oriented investors.

The 30 “ESG Best in class” companies listed on Euronext Growth Milan were presented in Milan and Grifal was awarded third place in the ranking.

Being part of the 30 SMEs in the ESG ITA Growth Index means having passed the scrutiny of the analysts at CRIF, a leading Italian company for business solvency assessment and benchmarking.