Packaging Design

At Grifal, we know how much time, money and resources you spend getting your product just right. Our design team approaches each customized protective packaging project with one goal in mind – to give your product the packaging it deserves. (APASS Certified)

Pack Test ISTA and APASS

Grifal tests the protective efficacy of packaging solutions, designed both internally or by third parties, through specific and very strict testing protocols. The goal is to verify that the packaging meets both the regulatory and the customer’s safety requirements.

About us

Present since 1969 in the protective packaging market, the name Grifal is synonymous with quality and innovation. The ability to develop new products and industrial processes has made Grifal a market leader in packaging solutions.

Latest News

  • grifal romania

A branch office in Stuttgart and a production site in Romania

December 19th, 2018|Comments Off on A branch office in Stuttgart and a production site in Romania

Grifal has opened Grifal GmbH in Stuttgart with the purpose of supporting its sales force in the most important European market for packaging, namely Germany. A parallel goal is also to build out the initial phase of the internationalization of the company, which is planning on establishing a new production site for [...]

  • grifal buxkin ita

Not only packaging

December 3rd, 2018|Comments Off on Not only packaging

Grifal SpA has acquired a 15% share of Buxkin BV (, a Dutch company that markets solutions for acoustic treatments and the decoration of interior spaces. Grifal, by virtue of its patented corrugating technology, has made possible the creation of a new line of exclusive and environmentally friendly products made with felt [...]