Packaging Solutions

Let us design your next packaging solution

Grifal ‘s core business is the ability to provide you with expert advice and implement advanced packaging solutions to meet the specific needs of your product and company.

Through in-depth analysis, we identify your goals and offer a wide range of environmentally sustainable and brand-enhancing solutions, two indispensable traits of successful packaging.

Project analysis

Product and packaging requirements

Prototyping phase

Creation of sample solutions

Laboratory testing

Mechanical and climatic testing

Our 6 essential operational phases:

1 | Information gathering

Data collection for the design brief, with special attention to physical characteristics and possible critical issues.

2 | Analysis of distribution channels

Examination of the logistics chain, considering destinations, means of transportation, length of storage and applicable legislation.

3 | Environmental impact assessment

Comprehensive packaging impact assessment, from sustainability of materials to compliance with current regulations.

4 | Submission of proposals

Comprehensive presentation that aims to give the client the best shortlist of design options from which to choose. 

5 | Process Simulation

Simulation of expected handling, storage and transportation conditions, in accordance with local and international standards.

6 | Documentation and delivery

Along with the packaging solution, we supply test reports, technical drawings, assembly instructions and indications for disposal.