cArtù® expands the world of corrugated cardboard

cArtù® with its revolutionary parabolic flutes.

Corrugated cardboard with its traditional sine wave flutes.

Corrugated cardboard has grown up!

cArtù® expands the world of corrugated cardboard with a new range of flutes. The innovative design adds two folds with a reinforcing rib function to each flute. Its characteristic parabolic flutes confer incredible strength and cushioning capabilities to the material.

10 to 20 mm high waves

  • Cushioning
  • Flexible
  • Light
  • Resistant to compression along the axis of the flutes


Easy to convert


cArtù® comes in 3 varieties

It is the only corrugated cardboard that is flexible, shock-absorbing and ultra-protective!

Rigid sheets: the fluted layer is between two stiff paper sheets, the height of the flute affects the damping capacity.

Flexible sheets: the fluted layer is between two sheets of paper, of which at least one is light. It is rollable but also very resistant along the axis of the flutes.

Single face: the fluted layer is laminated to just one flat layer. It is extremely flexible, rollable and cushioning but also very resistant along the axis of the flutes. It’s also quite visually appealing!


Rigid sheets

Sturdy and flat

Flexible sheets

Also available in rolls

Single face

Available in sheets or rolls

One technology, many applications

Flexible internal component

Blocking and bracing


Shock-absorbing box

Protection and void filling

Bottom cushioning


Edge protection

Special types and formats


cArtù® is supplied in sheets and rolls, in different weights and colors for the flutes and liners.

Water resistant

cArtù® with a water-resistant coating ideal for packaging that may be exposed to liquids.


cArtù® with a non-abrasive coating protects products from scratches due to vibration or shocks.


cArtù® with an adhesive backing is perfect for making sticky pads and bumpers.


cArtù® with an insulating, heat-reflective coating is ideal for shipping food and medicines.

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