Environmental Labeling

What is it?

Environmental labeling is to identify all packaging used in the Italian market, to display its composition, facilitate its collection, reuse, recovery, recycling and proper disposal by the end-user.

Grifal and environmental labeling

We design and manufacture packaging that aims to protect products during transportation and distribution, so that they arrive in the best possible condition. And we accomplish this while simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of our activities each year, by:

  • Encouraging our customers and the public to engage in the practice of proper disposal and separation of recyclable materials
  • Designing new packaging that requires less CO2 for its production than existing alternatives
  • Minimizing the consumption of raw materials
  • Reusing and recycling materials whenever possible
  • By recycling production waste back into the production cycle


Pursuant to Legislative Decree. September 3, 2020, no. 116, “Clarification on some issues related to mandatory environmental labeling of packaging” referred to in Art. 219, paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree April 3, 2006, no. 152, see below:

PAP 20 | Corrugated Cardboard

Paper collection

PE-HD 02 | High Density Polyethylene

Plastic collection

PAP 21 | Non-Corrugated Cardboard

Paper collection

PE-LD 04 | Low Density Polyethylene

Plastic collection

PAP 22 | Paper

Paper collection

FOR 50 | Wood

Recycling at the city’s waste collection facility


  1. The above textual and graphical information may be changed without notice in accordance with new legislative directions.
  2. In order properly recycle, we recommend that you also check with your city’s recycling program.
  3. More information on the environmental sustainability of Grifal’s cArtù® and cushionPaper packaging is available on this page.
  4. With the conversion into law of Law Decree 228/2021, the conditions for the sale of already existing packaging stocks were established: packaging may be marketed, even if it is empty, if it has been labeled (therefore already printed, or for which the label has already been produced/applied) before 12/31/22; or packaging that has been purchased by packaging users from their suppliers before 12/31/22.