Grifal is always a wave ahead

Research, technology and growth

The Grifal name, which has been present in the packaging market since 1969, is synonymous with expertise and innovation.

We design and manufacture customized packaging solutions, and with the efficiency of our Design team and ISTA Test Laboratory, we meet even the most challenging requirements. In addition, we offer an ever-growing range of ready-to-use products.

We are listed on Euronext Growth Milan of the Borsa Italiana (GRAL).

The Grifal Group: stronger than the sum of the parts

In 2021, we finalized these two strategic acquisitions in the packaging supply chain, a remarkable achievement that strengthened our competitive advantages:

  1. Tieng is an engineering company that designs, manufactures and installs packaging automation and adhesive application machines worldwide. Grifal Technologies was spun off from the acquistion of Tieng.
  2. Cornelli Brand Packaging Experience has increased skills and production capacity for traditional boxes and non-complex packaging.

The soul of the company is its vision

Vision: At Grifal, we have savoir faire and we cultivate it. We have proven it over the years by inventing processes, machines and products. We are capable of inventing and reinventing useful and practical products, and we will continue to do so, always. We intend to grow quickly yet solidly by spreading our innovations around the world.

Mission: We believe that competitive advantage today is no longer about possessing exclusive information or knowing how to sell better. Competitive advantage lies in the ability to apply our savoir faire to things that competitors don’t know how to do. We are growing to the size of a European multinational company because we are able to put our singular corrugation technologies to good use through the introduction of new standards in the packaging market. This is how we keep “always one wave ahead.”

Our heart, our values

Ethics and sustainability

Operating ethically is a key distinguishing feature for Grifal in dealing with all stakeholders and the environment.

Team spirit

Grifal encourages the involvement of every division of the company in the pursuit of our shared goals, valuing team spirit and diversity.


Markets reward companies that know how to courageously invest in the future. We know that only a continuous effort to evolve can guarantee growth.


A unique mix of innovative technologies, expertise and world-class services provides Grifal’s clients with a competitive advantage that continues to renew itself over time.

Curiosity and creativity

We are driven by the desire to discover amazing new ways of meeting customer needs, leveraging our expertise and uniqueness.


We have fun engaging with our customers as we cooperate with each other to solve problems, a prerequisite for creating a lasting relationship.