Sustainability Report


Grifal Group's Sustainability Report 2022

The Sustainability Report is the tool by which the Grifal Group communicates ESG performance to stakeholders, responding to the growing need to report not only the company’s performance in the economic-financial sphere but also those related to the set of environmental and social impacts generated by the organization and its activities.

Dear Stakeholders,

President Fabio Gritti's letter

Grifal Group’s Sustainability Report 2022 presents, for the first time, the new corporate structure in which Grifal Spa has become the parent company of the Group of the same name.

To better meet the exciting challenges in the marketplace, we optimized the integration of the strategic companies acquired in 2021, Tieng and Cornelli Brand Packaging Experience.

The World of Grifal

Managing a company in the circular economy

Over the years, the environmental sustainability of our products and solutions offered has been an increasingly important feature. From starting out as nice-to-have, environmentally responsible and resource-conserving design has turned into a must-have, because of the impacts on the company itself and the world that we all share. 

Corporate Governance

Governance and sustainability

Grifal pursues its goals through well-managed boards, rules and procedures to ensure effective and transparent management of our business. The Group has adopted a traditional governance system, which entrusts the Board of Directors with corporate management and the Board of Auditors with supervisory functions.

Our social heritage

How much are Grifal's social assets worth?

The social sustainability of an organization is an essential requirement for building a long-lasting and positive business for the people who, directly and indirectly, are affected by its activities.

The relationship with the natural environment

How much attention does Grifal pay to our planet?

Looking at the business world with green-colored glasses, we can see that industries have a strong impact on the natural ecosystem and its resources. It is important to be aware of these impacts and to have the foresight to mitigate them and, where possible, minimize them until their negative effects are completely eliminated.